Combat Flip Flops

“We all know I’ve had my feet ? issues on Naked and Afraid, but not anymore! I’ve teamed up with Combat Flip Flops, a vet owned biz and Shark Tank success!!! They’ve got my feet covered & yours too!  Hit the link below and use the Promo Code “EJ25” for 25% off!!!   Hurry because supplies are limited and they go fast!”

Highland Tactical

When Your house, to include the kitchen sink is on your back…You need the right pack to keep ALL YOUR necessary items stored and safe, so they’re Ready when You need them most! That’s why I trust Highland Tactical for All My Bugout Bag needs! High Speed Packs, made of high quality and durable materials, and smart set ups to meet everyone’s needs! I love these packs because of this and that they are very comfortable, to carry even on long hauls, and they don’t chafe or irritate you! So 
Head on over and use promotional code “SC333” for an instant discount check them out, pick your pack, and meet me on the Highland!

Elk Mountain Tents

When YOU are out in the Wild and YOU need to ensure that You keep yourself safe from the elements, your core body temp in check, with all your gear and supplies protected from the elements, and No reason why you shouldn’t be a bit more comfortable too! LOL! Look no further then Elk Mountain Tents. 

High quality canvas tents, that are well made, weather treated, and easy to set up and ready to meet ALL Your Shelter needs! They have many styles and sizes to choose from to meet your needs, as well as all the accessories to help you out. Whether you need a camp wood burning stove to stay warm by or cook, camp gear, and other supplies they have it.

 I immediately fell in love with their Canvas 16′ Yukon Bell Tent to fit my mobile Nomadic Lifestyle when I am on the road and getting Off Grind into the Back Country! I Love the “Old Time” Pioneering feeling it gives me every time I see it and i am operating out of it! It is perfect for me! 

When I am teaching class I use a 2nd for my students for bad weather days to teach in and they find it quite cozy after a hard days training on Outdoor Skills! SO check them out and unleash that inner Pioneering Spirit inside of you and Tents UP!!!


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Wazoo Survival Gear

I love smart gear that when in an Emergency or Survival Situation…IT CAN SAVE YOUR WAZOO! That’s why I have been a huge supporter of the genius that is Wazoo Survival Gear!  You will find a variety of popular items including: DIY, Bracelets, Necklaces, Cache Hats, Cache Belts, Survival Kits and Refills, Dog Collars, Survival Cards, Koozies and Containers, Keychains, Apparel, and much much more! So get your WAZOO over to their store and check them out….Hurry before Your WAZOO is out in the is in the SHTF!!

Ruff Tuff Custom Seat Covers

If you are looking to spice up Your Bugout Vehicle and ride off in Style and Comfort….Look no further then RUFF TUFF Custom Seat Covers! They made Very High Quality Custom Fit like a Glove (and I mean a serious Rubber glove fit) to your particular model vehicle! They have great pattern and color choices, styles, and great upgrades. I HIGHLY recommend the Diamond Quilt Cushioning Add On…YOU will thank me later! And for that tactical side…get the up front Conceal Pistol Pockets for a quick draw set up that’s amazing! I had them add the Special Ops Tactical seat back set up that holds all your needs from magazines, gear, and even your long rifle too! SO for a Sweet and Comfortable upgrade to your Bugout Vehicle or even your everyday ride….keep it Rough and Tough with RUFF TUFF Custom Seat Covers!!!
Head on over and use promotional code “EJ15” for a 15% Discount!

Purefire Tactical

Fire is your friend and does so many things for you in a Survival situation. Its the basis in many cases for all the other Survival needs to be met, but fire is also very fickle. So hedge your bets and guarantee your spark with the Purefire Tactical Magnesium Fire Starter which is the very one I take out with me on All my Adventures!

 It is hand made by Bobby Linn and comes with a lifetime grantee! There are many models to choose from but all come with 99.95 Military Grade Magnesium that will literally start on water…No Shit!! I have used it in the wet and humid climate of the Amazon Jungle in a down pour, i started my fire, and was grilling electric eel shortly after! So when you need FIRE ad YOU need it MOST … Trust Your fire starting needs to Purefire Tactical Magnesium Fire Starter!!! And tell them “EJ” sent ya!

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