Naked & Afraid Challenge

Ever wanted to see if YOU could ever make it on NAKED ANZD AFRAID? Well, here’s your chance. Ready to embark on an unique extraordinary adventure that will push your boundaries and ignite your spirit of survival! Imagine standing at the edge of the known, ready to step into a challenge that is as raw as it is real. This isn’t just any adventure; it’s an opportunity to strip away excess, confront the elements, and discover what you’re truly made of alongside a partner in survival. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a curious novice, this experience is designed to test your resilience, adaptability, and survival skills in the most primal setting. With expert guidance and a tailored challenge that echoes the thrilling intensity of the NAKED AND AFRAID experience, you’re not just surviving; you’re embarking on a transformative journey that will redefine your understanding of capability and endurance. Are you ready to face the wilderness, bare and unbridled, in a quest for survival and self-discovery?


Challenge Accepted?

Are you ready to team up and conquer a survival challenge, stripped down to the basics? Imagine you and your partner, devoid of all but your courage, navigating the wilderness to reach extraction. Ever yelled at your TV during survival shows, claiming, “I could do that!”? Here’s your electrifying opportunity to prove it! You can come with a partner, or sign up to ne paired with a stranger, OR for an extra fee…get EJ as YOUR ultimate partner! The choice is yours!

Custom-Designed Adventure by EJ

Dive into an experience crafted by EJ, tailored to test not just your survival prowess but your inner mettle. Whether you bring a friend, team up with another thrill-seeker, or even choose EJ as your premium partner, prepare for an exhilarating journey in true NAKED AND AFRAID fashion.

Choose Your Comfort Level

Your adventure, your rules! Decide how bare you dare to go – naked, in underwear, or a swimsuit. EJ is committed to making your survival challenge as authentic and comfortable as possible.

Gear Up with Essentials

Step into the wild armed with just your resilience, an edge tool, a survival item of your choice, and your chosen comrade. Whether it’s a fire starter, a pot, or an insect net, select what you think will be crucial for your survival.

Tailored Survival Experience

Engage in a bespoke adventure, lasting 3, 5, or 7 days, meticulously designed to test your skills and satisfy your thirst for a raw survival experience. You’ll start with an initial PSR (Primitive Survival Rating) score, setting the stage for your personal survival saga.

Continuous Support and Evaluation

Throughout your journey, benefit from daily evaluations and constructive feedback. Your PSR score will evolve as you progress. While the option to “TAP OUT” is always there, remember, redemption is just a challenge away, with options to return and conquer.

All-Inclusive Preparation

Allocate time for the full NAA (Naked And Afraid Adventure) experience, including a day of essential survival training and necessary travel days. Though the packing list is minimal, the excitement is boundless!

Comprehensive Package Inclusions

Your adventure fee covers the NAA survival scenario, basic training, accommodation during the prep phase, meals, a brag-worthy T-shirt, a survival knife, a swag pack full of essential items, a rescue meal, and a special necklace, replicating the one EJ wears in real life.

Additional Considerations

Plan for travel costs to the remote location, including airfare. While we offer airport pickup and drop-off services, traveler’s insurance is recommended for your peace of mind.

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Embrace this unique opportunity to challenge yourself, discover your true capabilities, and create unforgettable memories with EJ’s Naked And Afraid Style Adventure! Are you ready to get Naked And Afraid?

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