US Army Combat Veteran

Field Tested Gear

for durability and use


US Army Combat Veteran

Field Tested Gear

for durability and use

Unleash Your Inner Survivalist: EJ Snyder's Live Training

Transform Your Life with Elite Survival Skills and Mindset Mastery from the Renowned Expert Himself!

Live Events and Survival Training

Come spend time with EJ learning how to survive.


Get survival training directly to you, on your schedule.


Veteran-tested survival gear, to help you survive in any situation

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Joseph’s mission is to help his clients attain financial security for their families and businesses. 

Joseph’s mission is to help his clients attain financial security for their families and businesses. He is committed to providing each of his clients with strong financial solutions that are tailored to their particular needs and goals, and to continually monitor and update the progress towards these goals over their lifetime.

The doctor-prescribed medical kit with emergency Rx. HSA and FSA Accounts Accepted! 

Talk with our doctors online, and get basic prescription medications now — before you need them

Handle medical emergencies with confidence — at home or on the road
Treat common medical issues off-grid with essential Rx medications — prescribed in advance by our doctors and shipped to you before your next adventure

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G.I. Joe

Gear the G.I. Joe Way

I am still known even in the Survival world as a GI through and through. I still like to sleep on the cold, muddy ground, ride in the back of a truck, and even sitting next to the campfire while my survival tribemates are having conversations. LOL! Get it while you can. When I am

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The Reality of Survival Training

People always ask me about the best way to learn Survival Skills. With the flood of Survival TV Shows and high-end action movies, survival has become the new shiny object; it’s cool, mystical, and sometimes hypnotic. Because of this, a new YouTube or Tik Tok Survival Instructor is popping up daily. Survival is a LIFE-SAVING

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It’s Time to Get Prepared

 It\’s time to get prepared because things are getting a bit nutty out there! Well, well, well, folks! It has been some time since my last Blog, but I have been insanely busy. I do hope everyone has had a great start to their New Year! Speaking of which, have you seen what has been

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We live in uncertain times and have been thrust into a way of life where criminals seem to have more rights than the victims they perpetrate their evil on! Crime is rampant throughout the country right now, and YOU need to be safe. Suddenly, walking out YOUR front door has become a Survival Situation, and

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The Dollar Store Survival Kit Blog I did was well received but also brought up a lot of great questions from many of you. I love the interaction from all of you and appreciate your comments. I may not always reply or comment, but I do see them. Your deep thoughts on the various subjects

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I say it all the time, in Survival…there are NO EXCUSES…just ACTIONS!!! The Survival Kit is essential to YOUR Survival, and YOU must have one. It is the very thing that keeps you in the fight! It can be as complex or as simple as you like! I’ve seen all kinds and heard every thought

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