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EJ Snyder is a standout speaker whose wealth of military experience and specialized survival training shines through in every presentation. With an energetic and interactive style, EJ engages audiences of all backgrounds, leaving them informed, inspired, and empowered. His ability to create confidence and foster a survival mindset is unmatched, making him the ideal choice for any event seeking impactful and transformative content.

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Who Is EJ

An experienced survivalist and adventurer, the person in question boasts a remarkable 25-year history as a highly decorated combat veteran within the Army, holding prestigious roles in Ranger coded positions in Airborne Ranger and Infantry Units. This individual is celebrated for a robust mindset, exceptional skills, leadership qualities, resilience, and mental and physical fortitude. Demonstrating natural leadership qualities, this person exemplifies leading by example and taking the forefront in challenging situations.

  • Decorated 25-year combat veteran with specialized roles in elite Airborne Ranger and Infantry Units.
  • Recognized for exceptional survival and adventure skills in extreme conditions.
  • Embodies a strong and resilient mindset, demonstrating mental and physical toughness.
  • Exhibits outstanding leadership qualities, emphasizing leading by example and from the front.
  • Possesses top-notch skills in navigation, survival tactics, and crisis management under pressure.

Learn From EJ


Transform your event with a speaker who blends charisma, expertise, and wit to inspire and align with your brand, covering topics from leadership to survival adventures.


Elevate your team's potential with transformative Edge training, honing mindset, mental toughness, and physical prowess to unleash your inner lion and warrior spirit.

Survival/Military Consulting

Enhance your next film project with unparalleled authenticity and expertise, leveraging a seasoned professional known for multifaceted roles in front of and behind the camera.


Empower yourself and your loved ones with the world's top survivalist, offering personalized training to excel in any challenging scenario, from natural disasters to the unexpected.

Ultimate Bug-In Defense

Master essential skills with a comprehensive course designed to fortify your home against threats, ensuring the safety of your loved ones in any crisis. Led by a seasoned survival expert, gain unparalleled insights into preparing for and withstanding emergencies, from natural disasters to civil unrest. Discover effective strategies to transform your home into a secure haven, ready to face the unexpected with confidence and resilience. Learn the art of urban survival, from advanced home defense tactics to crucial emergency planning, ensuring you’re always one step ahead. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to navigate the chaos of the modern world, maintaining peace of mind in the face of adversity.

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As a social media influencer and brand ambassador I can help you get your products in front of the right people.

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Elevate your event to unprecedented heights with the electrifying presence of EJ Snyder! Renowned for his indomitable spirit and boundless energy, EJ brings a dynamic flair that transforms ordinary events into unforgettable experiences. His engaging personality captivates audiences, making every moment memorable and ensuring your message resonates long after the curtains close. With EJ’s unique ability to connect with people and inspire action, he’s not just a guest; he’s a catalyst for growth, propelling your brand into the spotlight. Trust EJ Snyder to ignite the passion, drive the conversation, and deliver an impact that helps your brand soar to new horizons.

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I have followed E.J. for in excess of 10 years now, and in just the past few years through our mutual love of the outdoors and survival, have become good friends. E.J. in spite of his rise to fame through multiple appearances on a variety of survival television shows and his incredible social media presence remains quite authentic and humble. He is thoughtful, kind, compassionate, and a man that you can rely on when times get tough. What you see is what you get with regards to E.J. His stature is larger than life and he possesses the leadership traits that you wish on your children. Whether he is surviving the elements, giving a motivational speech, providing consultation or giving you a hug when you’re down, you can’t help but believe that E.J. is the genuine article. And he is. I am honored to be his friend.

Wes Harper
Business Owner/Survivalist

I’ve known, and personally watched EJ’s career for well over a decade. He is Top Notch, and you will be hard pressed to find a man who possesses the high qualities, character, talent, and mindset that he does. EJ has a commanding presence, and he speaks with confidence and conviction. He is an excellent public speaker, very engaging, and delivers his message very naturally. EJ served this nation with great honor, and he has carried that over into this chapter of his life. Whatever he does, whether speaking in front of a massive audience, instructing, consulting, or surviving in the wild, his integrity shines through.”

Michael London
Attorney & Talent Manager
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