Knife Only – Outdoors Skills Series

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Knife Only – Outdoors Skills Series – Online Streaming Only

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EJ takes you on a simulated Survival Scenario showing you, with lots of practice, confidence, skill, and will, to get out of a tough situation using Only a Knife, what’s around him, his wit, and determination to get out ALIVE!!! EJ is doing this to demonstrate where YOU could actually get YOUR level of Skill and have the confidence that if things go really bad…. you will have a far better chance after practicing all the things he has shown you in the 10 previous videos.

EJ wants to bring YOU his Brand of Survival in a Commonsense Way so that the Everyday Joe or Joan will be OK. EJ wants you to walk away after watching his Survival Skills Tutorial Series with new self-confidence, better skills, and more prepared for any situation you are faced with, and have some fun doing so! EJ always stresses the importance of being prepared and ready at a moment’s notice, as you never know when, where, or who you’ll be with when a Survival or Emergency Situation happens, and this Series will help you fend that off! Now…start watching, start learning, and Get Prepared! Survive On! ~ EJ


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