Food, Water, Fire – Outdoors Skills Series

This product is part of the full Outdoor Skill Series, broken out into a separate film | Online Streaming Only



Food, Water, Fire – Outdoors Skills Series

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EJ Snyder, One of the World’s Most Renowned, Top, and Entertaining Survival Experts, brings His Brand of Survival to YOU!!! With all of EJ’s energy, knowledge, and flair, you will learn a ton of Survival Skills training, tips, and chuckles along the way. EJ always says, “You should always have a back up to the back when it comes to Survival in all aspects of it, from Gear l to techniques, and planning!” Always keep the Laws of 3 of Survival in mind…..And that’s what you get from EJ in this series! “Skullcrushing Sense” Survival…it’s like Common Sense but with an edge!!! This product is part of the full Outdoor Skill Series, broken out into a separate film | Online Streaming Only

FIRE – Even the best FIRE Masters can struggle to build a fire in the wilderness. EJ will teach you multiple ways to build a fire using modern fire starters to primitive friction fire. In this video, you will learn why fire is your friend and how it helps with many other aspects of survival.
FOOD – Food is your body’s fuel and it is needed to keep you in the game, in this video EJ will share with you basic and advanced ways to come by food.
WATER – Water is life’s blood and 100% critical to your survival, without it you will die. You need to know where to find it and how to purify it.
FIREEEEE!!! Which is a fickle beast and should never be taken for granted, as even the Best Fire Masters can struggle. EJ shows you multiple ways to secure Fire from easy to do, to modern fire starters, to the ancient ways of primitive friction Fire. Fire is your friend, and it helps with so many things, as it lends itself to all the other Core 4 in more than one way.

Water is Life’s blood and absolutely critical to YOUR Survival! You need to know where and how to find it, and if you can’t…how to produce it. EJ will have you swimming wither everything H2O for your hydration and health needs. Food can be hard to come by in a Survival Situation, but you have to get after it in any way possible.

Food is fuel and keeps you in the game, so EJ shares some of the more basic and easier ways to come by it! EJ keeps this simple to task and shows you ways that will help you get after food with quite common, basic, and low energy expenditure to help you stay in the game. EJ briefly touches on the aspects of how to locate and find where Common animals may be, as well as be aware of other predators in your area that may pose a threat to you. How to process small game for cooking. How to find some of the more common and basic wild edibles. EJ also touches on a few techniques to get you fresh fish and water-based animals. The Survival Techniques to secure Food is very vast, and EJ only touches the surface of it all, but in a way the everyday Joe or Joan could employ to stay alive should they need it.

EJ wants to bring YOU his Brand of Survival in a Commonsense Way so that the Everyday Joe or Joan will be OK. EJ wants you to walk away after watching his Survival Skills Tutorial Series with new self-confidence, better skills, and more prepared for any situation you are faced with, and have some fun doing so! EJ always stresses the importance of being prepared and ready at a moment’s notice, as you never know when, where, or who you’ll be with when a Survival or Emergency Situation happens, and this Series will help you fend that off! Now…start watching, start learning, and Get Prepared! Survive On! ~ EJ


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