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Survive With EJ “Down & Dirty” Basics Sept. 22st-24th

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Dates: September 22nd thru 24th

Location: Fayetteville, NC Area


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Survive with EJ | 3 Days of Basic Survival Skill Training

Students will learn the Survive with EJ “Down & Dirty” Basics of Survival during this course. This course is designed to take Novice Survivalists to a confident basic level of Survival. Students will learn the Mental & Psychological aspects of Survival, the Laws of 3, Preparedness for Survival, Tools of Survival, The Core 4 of Survival [Shelter, Fire, Water, Food], Lightly Touch on Navigation and Rescue.

What you will learn:

Shelter & Security
* Proper Spear Making
* Walking/Snake Sticks
* Shelter Site Selection
* Proper Primitive Shelter Building
* Modern Shelter Gear, Tents, Tarps, and Hammocks.
* Proper Bedding.
Principles of Fire Making
* Proper Fire Materials and Tips
* Fire Triangle and Basics
* Proper Fire Lighting Techniques
* Fire Hacks and Tips
* Intro to Primitive Fire
* Char Cloth Making
Water Sourcing
* Proper Water locating
* Filter and Purifying Water
* Creating Water when there’s none
* Wells
* Alternative Water Containers
Food Procurement
* Basic Hunting Weapons
* Basic Traps
* Basic Fishing
* Intro to Wild Edibles
* Cooking Methods
* Smoker Building
Land Nav and Rescue
* Intro to Land Nav
* Compass Use
* Understand Terrian and Obstacles
* Signaling for Rescue


Upon arrival, students will set up camp and have dinner. There will be a welcome brief around the fire with EJ. Followed by Ice Breaker and Meet N Greet.

Day 1 of Survive with EJ Starts with coffee and a discussion on All aspects of Survival, covering Mental, Physical, and Spiritual. A discussion on the Laws of 3 and what that means to your Survival.

Followed up by all the tools of survival, care, and proper use. How to select the best tool for you.

Considerations of Survival for preparing and planning. This will include a discussion on Survival Kits and Bugout Bags. How to properly build one, what should be in it, and how it’s significantly incorporated into YOUR Survival Plan of Action. EJ will also be covering PACE.

Shelter & Security will be covered in the Core 4 of Survival. Students will learn about shelter site selection. Natural shelter types, selection, pros and cons, and occupation of. Humans built primitive shelter types and proper construction with proper roofing. How to keep yourself safe from wild animals and human threats and measures to safeguard from creepy crawlers and Insects.

During the fire segment, students will learn the fire triangle, proper fire-making preparations, basics to begin with, all modern fire-starting methods, tips and tricks to fire to hedge your bets, proper Tinder Bundle making, firewood processing, and the various fire setups. A familiarization technique. Fire techniques. And a few fire Hacks.

During the water class, students will learn about proper location techniques and the processing of water. Methods to create water when none seems to exist. EJ will go over the various water purifying and filtering systems out there. Field expending containers and alternative trash containers.

EJ will touch on a few basic food-gathering techniques in regard to fishing, trapping, and hunting, giving students several very good methods to use. How to build proper fishing kits. How to set up basic Traps. Construction of some easy-to-use basic weapons. EJ will also brush over a few common wild edibles.

EJ will discuss some basic land navigation and rescue techniques.

Friday and Saturday nights will be a Campfire Chat with Q and A on anything. Survival and EJ will share some stories of his adventures and lessons learned and answer Questions.

There will be a Dinner Gathering for all who want to attend on Sunday Night [not required]. Students cover their own meals and drinks. Survive with EJ!



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