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Motivational Speaking

EJ is ready to motivate your projected audience with his larger than life personality, quick wit, charisma, humor and outstanding speaking ability, chock full of real life experiences and colorful stories.

EJ presents a Commanding Presence and Booming Voice. Whatever the subject or the audience, EJ is versed on many, many things such as Successes in Life, Over Coming Challenges, the Military, Survival, Military & U.S. history, Motivation, Anti-Bullying, and many other topics.

EJ can relate to all walks of life, ages, and backgrounds. EJ especially loves talking and sharing with kids!!!

EJ has also motivated Sports Teams in their Locker Rooms and Fraternities at their Rally Events!!! He regularly can be seen at many events with The Cape Fear Heroes Pro Indoor Football Team, The Fayetteville Fireantz, and TKE Fraternity doing just this thing!!!

EJ has spoken to many different Groups, Companies, and Gatherings, such as TKE Fraternity, many Rotary Clubs, many Boy Scout Troops, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA, Gunpowder Girls Club, ERA Stroher Realty, the Lion’s Club, and many others. He has also visited and spoken with numerous Veteran’s Organizations and various Military Units.

Appearances can be added and negotiated based on the venue, event, audience, and situation.

EJ will come with a full display of his adventures and stories, many neat Survival Type Items and pictures to look at, and can even do demonstrations on Survival Skills as well!!!

Additional Fee for Pictures and Autographs charged per person in attendance of the event of venue!!!

Contact Us today to negotiate having EJ Speak at your next speaking event!

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EJ is ready to APPEAR at your next Trade Show, Event, Gun/Knife Show, Survival Expo, or Convention (Whether it’s a Comic Con, Walker Con, Any Con, etc.)!!! EJ will show up with a full display of items and pictures from All his Discovery & World Adventures in a very Professionally laid out display. He will have autograph pictures ready to go, T Shirts, Hates, and other great merchandise and gear for purchase. 

He is always ready to share his stories and pose for Selfies. EJ is also always ready and available to you for any Interview! We will make available any still photos needed for advertising and EJ will do a video promoting the event for your use, as well he will regularly post on all his Large Social Medias about the event to also help promote it! All included in this Package Cost!!! 

You can negotiate for EJ to be part of a Discussion Panel, give a Lecture, Q and A on his adventurers, Motivational Speech, or give demos or teach a Seminar! SO, book EJ today while you can!!!

Get EJ At Your Event

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