Discovery Channel had EJ teamed up with his partner Jeff Zausch from “Naked and Afraid XL” to take on the “Dual Survival” Challenge. Each challenge, EJ and Jeff find themselves in the middle of nowhere, in a Survival Scenario, and they have to not only rely on their skills, wits, and tenacity, but ALSO each other! Dumped into some of the harshest and toughest environments on the planet, EJ and Jeff will show you just what it takes through to get to Rescue through Teamwork, perseverance, and Will. EJ and Jeff were asked by Discovery Channel and Production to answer a few simple questions this Go Around, What would one do if their back was against the wall in order to SURVIVE? What would you do and what risks would you have to take when placed at Death’s Door? Plain and Simple…just How Far would you push the limits of YOURSELF to Make it out ALIVE? EJ and Jeff were dumped into several places, two locations in Brazil, Utah desert, Louisiana Swamps, Former Soviet Republic of Georgia, the Wild Coast of South Africa, and Botswana.

SKULLTOID 1: EJ was actually Chemistry Tested for “Dual Survival” in April 2012 with 4 other Men!

SKULLTOID 2: EJ and Jeff while traveling, also found themselves smack dab in the middle of a Military Coup in Turkey while at the Istanbul International Airport. EJ and Jeff sprung into action gathering supplies, securing the area, planning an Evacuation Routes, and aiding other stranded travelers, many whom were from all different parts of the world.

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