Hire EJ for a show or writing

Hire ej for a show or have him write for your publication or website

EJ is a Published Writer and has been involved with several different mediums from Magazines, Newspapers, Newsletters, Blogs, and more. He writes on a myriad of subjects and topics and finds he can write and offer his expert opinion on just about anything. He is known for his Survival, Knives, and Gear knowledge, but has also written on Travel and extensively on Leadership, Team Building, and Mindset to name a few more! If you are not sure if EJ can write on a topic you are doing…just ask him…WE are sure HE CAN!!! He has been published in American Survival Guide, Survivors Edge, Knives Illustrated (with his own column), Off Grid, The Backwoodsman, Survival Quarterly, TKE, SPY Briefing, and many more! EJ is currently also Authoring several books if you are interested in working with EJ to publish a book with him…PLZ Contact US!

COST: EJ’s cost vary and are negotiable for writing as He is a Freelance Writer!

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