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Campfire Chat – Hey folks…don’t want a full on board survival class with EJ? Well how about a nice chilled Camp Out learning some light outdoor skills, overnight camping, cooking dinner over the fire, SMORES and a Camp Fire Chat that night with EJ!!! Have One-on-One dedicated time with EJ who will share his adventure stories with you and answer most of your questions that you have been dying to ask too! Take all the pictures you want! It’s a fun, relaxing and a memorable time for all without crushing your budget! EJ has designed this to be just an easy way for families, best friends, groups of friends, couples, siblings, just about anyone to come out and meet The Legend himself and see that he is just a Regular Cool Outdoor Guy!!!

Minimum 2 people up to 8! Family Packages accommodated too! 

Military Vet Discount of 22% 1st Responders 11%!!!

Campfire Chat with EJ

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