It’s Time to Get Prepared

 It\’s time to get prepared because things are getting a bit nutty out there!

Well, well, well, folks! It has been some time since my last Blog, but I have been insanely busy. I do hope everyone has had a great start to their New Year! Speaking of which, have you seen what has been happening in the world today, let alone the home front here in the good Ole USA?

I have to say things are getting a little nutty right now! I am not saying this to scare anyone, but I am very open and honest about how things are, especially when it comes to those I love, that includes all of you. I am getting flooded daily with questions, through my messages and emails, in the thousands, with people generally concerned and even scared about what they should do to protect themselves and their families. I try to answer as many as possible; many of these questions are so great that they even get me thinking and readjusting how I approach a survival situation.

Everyone knows I am passionate about survival, security, and preparing for bad situations. I display it through my actions on TV, write about it in Blogs, articles, and posts, and teach it. I make videos on topics concerning every aspect of it for either My YouTube Channel, “EJ Snyder”, Social Media, or more full-length Tutorial Videos available at my website,, because I only want you to have the best, most informative, and knowledgeable teaching out there! Even the gear I recommend is intended to provide you with the best, top-of-line, tested, and most durable gear on the market, which I use myself. (See My 2023 Updated Gear List at the end of this BLOG) 

In the Army, I was a Lead by Example Leader, leading from the front, and I would never ask you to do or use anything I wouldn’t. I am not saying there isn’t other gear out there that you may find that is just as good, but what I do over here is give you the knowledge tool you need to make the best-informed decision for yourself. I even offer schedule-dependent live training on all this as I can because this is too important. 

When you turn on the TV or radio today, you will hear many disturbing things going on, and trying to decipher what it all means can get very dicey. The borders are wide open, and no idea who’s coming into our country and with what intentions. Balloons overhead. Trains derail, spilling dangerous chemicals into the soil, water, and air. Food distribution centers are mysteriously set ablaze, and livestock is dropping dead by the thousands with no answers. Power stations are being attacked.

All of this is happening with Billionaires and China buying up land and all kinds of facilities, and those duly elected officials in charge care more for the matters of other countries than YOU and the Homefront! Billions of our tax dollars are heading overseas while inflation here soars, and we pay crazy gas prices, $8 bucks for a dozen eggs, have homeless Veterans in the streets, and folks holding cardboard signs looking for help. What IS going on?! If you take one point of view, you’re labeled a conspiracy theorist; if you take another…you’re paranoid…another, you’re a war hawk…you say this, and you’re called a denier or accused by another of spreading disinformation. It almost sounds like a Tom Clancy novel, but it could be a very real reality of something sinister at work here.

One only needs to study the Art of War and understand how a hostile nation and invader would act subversively to set the conditions for an invasion or to cripple an economic and world power competitor to take over the world stage and not even set foot on a country. Spies and Special Forces Handbooks all talk about infiltrating and committing sabotage. An open border fully allows that, or at least very permissive. Even a radical or ideological government hell-bent on imposing its will and way of governing could be at hand. Or it could all be coincidental, and even still, if by accident or nature, in any case, YOU have to deal with it.

I can only say that 1. you must be well-informed from multiple sources, 2. Open your own eyes and listen with your ears to what is happening around you. 3. Be open to all sides and views, make the best-informed thought, and stand by it. Indecisiveness will always lead MHO to disaster; even a bad decision with conviction is better than no decision. Again, my point isn’t to scare you but to encourage you to act!

I have always felt the best way to handle these situations is to look at your world first and what you can do in your immediate world that you can control, where all these other things and events are out of your reach or influence. First, you need to take an Assessment of your situation on hand for yourself and your loved ones. Be honest about your situation, abilities, needs, budget, and what you can realistically accomplish out of the gate. Second, plan what to do next and how to accomplish it. Lists are a great way to see the situation better, design, and budget on needs to get you headed in the right direction. Lastly, once you have the plan, it is time to Act or Execute the Plan to make it a reality.

All this will do in this nutty and chaotic world is give you peace of mind, allowing you to stay calm, think, and have better confidence. You can gain knowledge through training and research through books, the internet, and videos. I have put together two digital training courses to help you get the training you need in times like these, “The Ultimate Bug In and Home Defense Guide” and “The Outdoors Survival Skills Series,” These training courses will help you better prepare for bad situations at home or on the go! I have also gathered many videos from friends to aid you in several other areas.

Many talks about the gear, supplies, and skills needed to care for you and get you out alive. I know it is a scary time out there, but with the proper training and gear, you will feel more prepared, ready, and safer about the situation because you will be ready. It’s crazy out there…so get ready because you are not alone. The whole situation even has me reevaluating myself, my case, and where I am at in my survival readiness.

I don’t like the term “Prepper” because all good survivalists are always prepared. We regularly review our plan, check and update our gear, practice our skills, and shake out the plan through dry runs. Always be a lion, not a sheep. The Government, as much as we would like, isn’t going to help us when things get really, really bad. Sadly, that will fall on our shoulders, IMO, so BE READY!!! SURVIVE ON !!! ~ EJ Snyder

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