Closing out this 3-part series of Blogs, we are at the final part…the 5 D\’s of Defense. This is a super important part of your safety for you and your loved ones. It speaks to protecting not only your lives but also all your hard work of weeks, months, and even years of preparation and planning. These are things that need to be covered, checked frequently for functionality, and in some cases, maintenance or replacement. And YOU should always be improving and upgrading. It’s imperative, as technology changes, so must you, as you can bet the Bad Actors will! All of this starts with one thing YOU.

You need to first assess your situation and where you are at, and where you go from there. For me, it always starts with a good old list! I from there, start my 5 D\’s. Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay, and Defend! It’s all about the outer perimeter security circle far out from your domicile first, then you may have several inner circles of this before it even reaches your domicile, before we get to the final breach…. YOUR HOME! Then it’s about once a Bad Actor is inside the Home! None of this can be taken for granted at all! Your life may depend on it! It all works work on the \’onion skin\’ principle, whereby multiple layers of security work together to prevent access to your site\’s assets, giving you the time and intelligence you need to respond effectively.


Each of the \”D\’s\” is an easy way to stage your defense, starting from the outer perimeter of your home security and working back towards your home and then into the inside of it. All to help you provide the best security for YOUR situation available to you, your budget, and your particular situation and circumstance. They all apply, but some are different based on YOUR domicile. An apartment will be different from a farmhouse, let’s say, or a log cabin deep in the woods versus a suburban home in a Cul de Sac. But all the Principles of the 5 D of Home Defense apply!

It can be as simple as just putting up a “Beware of Dog” sign on your fence, and that alone can stop an Intruder just by the implied threat they will have to deal with a dog now, and many will just move on to then next easier target. They’re great to have up even if you don’t have a dog. I have been known to pick up dog droppings of large dogs in my neighborhood and place them outside the fence and around the backyard to help reinforce the sign…lmao…yeah, I know, extreme, right? But then again, you need to ask yourself, what extremes will you go to to protect yourself and your loved ones? It\’s also a very cheap affordable measure ANYONE can afford to do! I am also assuming that the Intruders are observant, but hey, if they’re not, and they step in it, I get a small victory, and they have stinky feet! Lmao! But in all seriousness, you have to be smarter and much craftier than the Bad Guys!

           All 3 of my latest Blogs speak to one thing for sure…We are living in uncertain times. We have been struck with emergency situations and massive natural disasters and thrown into survival mode at an alarming rate these days. We’ve had Pandemics, Wildfires, Economic Turmoil, Food Shortage Threats, Energy Strains, and even War. You and your loved ones have been put in a serious life survival situation that you have no control over…. BUT actually, YOU DO!!! So, what is the average Joe or Joan supposed to do you ask!

You always hear the term that YOU MUST “BUGOUT” when SHTF, BUT in Reality….90% of humans on the planet aren’t Bugging anywhere…as the COVID Pandemic showed us…THEY ARE “BUGGING IN”! And the 10% that are left, 5% are “Bugging Out” are only going somewhere to “Bug In” and the other 5% are the ones with the skills, knowledge, and weather-all to stay out in the Wild and Truly “Bug Out”. So again, what’s the average Joe or Joan supposed to do with their loved ones? Easy, I have put together this film, the “Ultimate Bug In and Home Defense” Film to answer those very questions, provide you with the information and tools needed, and show you how to properly prepare for “Bugging In” and the Defense of YOUR Domicile.

          In this film, we will talk about all the things you need to properly prepare and plan for when the SHTF!!! From planning for that bad day, you pray, and hope never comes so that you can take care of yourself and your loved one\’s needs. All of it, from shelve storage the various levels of supplies and gear for every budget on hand or combo thereof.

Then we talk about the 5 D’s of Defense of your domicile that you can do and put in place to protect all your valuables, supplies, gear, and selves. We talk about what “RIGHT” looks like and how to modify it to fit your circumstances and needs. What to do for your vehicle to properly prepare it for you to be able to even get back home, and if you need to “GO” how to go! All of this information and demonstrations are key to YOURS and YOUR LOVED ONES SURVIVAL!!!

Getting home to “Bug IN” isn’t an easy task. We will discuss everything from what to do to get from, say, your office, school, store, park, or wherever you are when SHTF to get from their back to your vehicle safely so that you can then head towards your domicile if you need the vehicle to cover a long distance.

Then if you can or have to get there on foot, what to do to make it there safely. What items can you have on you and plan for that will make your move easier and safer, what supplies you will need, and all things covering your basic survival and protection. How to plan routes and cache stops along the way to refit, resupply, and rest, as well as what security needs you need to be concerned with.

          Now once you get home, how do you DEFEND YOUR HOME! Mostly done prior to the SHTF Scenario even happens, now you just need to put your well-planned plan and practice into play and execute! If done RIGHT, you will feel a lot more confident, reassured, safe, and ready for whatever comes your way! Once in your home, you don’t assume trouble won’t come looking for you and let your Guard down…that is when you go full on and BE READY!!!

You make the potential Bad Actors understand that YOU ARE NOT EASY PREY!!! And 90% of the time, they “GO AWAY”! Then if you must go, what is it you need in terms of your “BUGOUT VEHICLE” and possible trailers and or RVs, etc. to be able to move everyone with you safely and with all you need!

          The “Ultimate Bug In and Home Defense” Film is just the ANSWER YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR to Prepare for that Bad Day ahead!!! It will give you the knowledge, tools, skills, preparation needs, and more that YOU need for a PEACE OF MIND for when the SHTF!!! DO NOT DELAY…the time for Preparing for the SHTF Scenario ….IS TODAY!!! ~ EJ SNYDER

Tuesday, July 26th: Official Film Launch Date!

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