“Bugging In” Isn’t about Killing Roaches

What is \”Bugging in\”? You hear the term all the time \”Bugging Out\” and Most people believe that when the SHFT that\’s what everyone will do, however its quite the opposite in my humble opinion, I believe that 90% of the populace will actually stay put and not going anywhere, thus the Term \”Bug In\” and those that do “Bug Out” are only moving to another place to “Bug In” anyways, so everything I am about to present to you applies to ALL! With that comes the need for \”Home Defense\” as well!

We saw this happen during the COVID Pandemic and many folks were not properly prepared to do so. Many people quickly ran out of supplies, food, medical needs, and other things very quickly. Stores shelves emptied quickly. Factories and Distribution Centers shut down. Transporting these things by way of trucks, rail, and air came to a halt. So many people in the world were left wondering how they got to this point and how did it happen.

All great questions and thoughts, and the answer is very simple…lack of PLANNING! People may say well that was a once in a lifetime event. Well, was it? Never make the mistake that a disaster or emergency isn\’t going to come knocking on your door when it comes to YOU and Your Loved Ones Survival. A myriad of things can happen, and WILL HAPPEN, and it’s just a matter of when. So, the time is NOW, that\’s when PLANNING for these things matters most. The next Pandemic, Hurricane, Earthquake, Civil Unrest, Wildfire, even War, etc. could be just around the corner.

Don\’t be caught with your pants down and wondering why did this happen….Be the Solution to YOUR OWN Problem by acting. You don\’t need to be a Millionaire to prepare, there are lots of budget friendly options to fit ALL economic situations. When the \”Ultimate Bug In and Home Defense\” Video comes out mid-July we will share many of these things with you, but for now here are some things you can do immediately to start getting ready! (You can also find a plethora of items you need on my website, ejsnyder.com


So, the first of many things you need to do is make an assessment of where you are at in YOUR Preparedness. Start a List by Category so that you can get that Survival Preparedness Laundry List going and fill it up. It is a critical step in the process and will help keep you on track, even sane, and make your needs a lot clearer.

I am Old School, so I always grab a clean sheet of paper, a pencil, and a clip board. Electronics are great but this is one thing you need to see looking at you in the face every day and often, as a staunch reminder of what you got but more so…what you still need! Here\’s a Sample List and it’s just that, everyone\’s list will be different.







  • Extra Non-Perishables Foods and Can goods
  • Coolers
  • Cases of Dehydrated Meals
  • MREs
  • Camp Meals
  • Pots and Utensils
  • etc.



  • Alarm System
  • Locks
  • Security Lights
  • Safe
  • Firearms
  • Alternate Defense Weapons
  • Extra Ammo
  • Mace or Pepper Spray
  • Taser
  • etc.


While this is just a Sample you get the point….start listing everything you Need on the list, then make another couple columns right next to in with One Saying Maybe \”On Hand\” or \”YES\” and the other column saying \”Need\” or \”NO\” and make a check to where you are at. Next make a fourth column with \”Quantity\”, which is extremely important, so you have enough and as you consume its updated, maybe make a fifth column stating a \”Par\”, a number that you always want to be as close to as possible for you family’s needs, and then a column for \”Cost\” and lastly Notes.

 This type of survival matrix, which will be available along with my new upcoming film, will definitely help you out and see the bigger picture to where you are at in YOUR Planning. OK! Now breathe…I know it\’s a lot and you are probably Shocked right now at how far behind you really are and in need. That’s OK! You now have done the hard part and it is a Start…so get after the Needs and start filling in where you can immediately be based on your personal situation and budget. You may even highlight or put a little start next to things that are most important to you! Now you need to start doing what you can to knock out the list, fill shelves, install items, etc. Get moving!

Some budget friendly things you can do for example, if you can’t buy a bunch of 5 Gallon Camp Water Containers, is start saving milk jugs and 2-liter plastic bottles. Rinse them out clean, fill with water, and then take a permanent Marker and write the current date on them. This way you will know how old they are. I love permanent Markers and clearly writing dates on items where they are large and clearly visible really helps you out.


 I mark the expiration dates on ALL Food Items so in my rotation of food I consume stuff that expiring first before other stuff. I only dip into long shelf-life supplies if I have no other options. Its stuff like this thinking outside the box that helps you get ahead of the curve. I always look for Grocery Store Sales and when I see canned food deals, I go buy up as much as I allowed and store it. You can even plan for every time you go to the store during your regular grocery shopping time that you plan to purchase 3 Survival Planning Items each time…before you know it…your shelves are filling up fast!

I even visit those great and abundant Dollar Stores, as you will be surprised how affordable your items in there are and how many quality items you can get in large amounts without breaking the bank. You can really knock at that list fast even if you are not on a strict budget. It’s called thinking outside the box and making it happen, as YOUR Survival depends on it! These are just a few examples to get your brain churning.

Now, when it comes to storage, that also depends on your particular domicile situation. Somebody in a rural area, say on a farm, may have several outer buildings and designate one for their Survival Storage area. Suburban types may have a basement or garage to use, and this can apply to say a town home. Now, for my Urbanites, things get trickier, but being a professional hoarder, I can tell you that every nook and cranny counts and can be used.


I usually try to suggest to those in apartment situations to think about getting an apartment for what you need in terms of bedrooms plus one. This way you have sleep spaces for everyone and one extra room that is usually at least a 10 X 10 size to set up shelving and make it a Survival Supply Storage area. Never forget the Laundry Rooms, Utility Closets, Attics, Crawl Spaces, and sheds for additional space. I recommend good sturdy shelves.

You can buy some plastic ones of different types and sturdiness, or get some metal racks, or build wooden ones yourself. Even wall lockers can work and give you the ability to lock them up for added security. I also suggest you categorize your shelf or storage areas by type…like Water, Food, Medical, etc.

All of these tips and things should now have your mind emerged in the planning and stocking phase of Bugging in. They say an Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure….so that holds true here, and I like to say, \”Good Planning Prevents Pain!\” in that you have taken care of your needs and then some, fully stocked, and now ready for what may come…AND IT WILL COME!

In case you haven\’t seen it yet, below is the trailer for my newest film, Ultimate Bug-in and Home Defense, which will be launching by July 26th. Sign up for my email to be notified when this film is released.

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