Season 1 – Naked and Afraid XL ~ Colombia

In 2015, the war drums and smoke of yet another and more challenging “Naked and Afraid” was coming, to put 6 men and 6 women in the Badlands of Colombia for 40 days. EJ couldn’t resist. He set out as part of an Alpha Male trio, in the Roca Diablo Area, with Jeff Zausch and Hakim Isler to take it on. After a week, they lost Hakim to severe dehydration and nutrient loss, but were joined later by Shane Lewis. Upon arriving at Piranha Lake, they also lost Shane to deprivation. The “Alphas” were a Dominating Force throughout the Challenge. In the end, EJ and Jeff, along with 6 others made it to the extraction point on day 40. EJ and Jeff finished with a XLR Rating of 8.5, currently the Highest Group XLR Rating in XL History! EJ lost a total of 73 lbs. which is the Most weight ever lost in the History of the Naked and Afraid Challenges.

SKULLTOID #1: EJ was actually on his own for the first 2 Days of the Challenge!

SKULLTOID #2: “EJ always puts on extra weight before going on these long endurance Survival Challenges, believing that everyone has a Primal Survival Weight that you will eventually hit and maintain based on Wild Eating. EJ’s is between 200 – 205 pounds which he hit every challenge. EJ put on an additional 20 lbs the 1st time,10 lbs the 2nd time, and a whopping 30 lbs for XL!!!

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