Season 1, Episode 2 – Terror in Tanzania

EJ was chosen to set out on The “Naked and Afraid” Challenge in January 2013. He set off to film the Pilot Episode for the Series along with Kellie Nightlinger. They were sent to the Serengeti Plains of Tanzania, Africa in the middle of the Dry Season. EJ started with a PSR Rating of 7.3! They battled dehydration, starvation, thorns, hyenas, other wild life, and infections. They completed the challenge through Teamwork, perseverance, and Will, making it to the Extraction Point on Day 21, thus launching a New Hit TV Series for Discovery Channel! They are the 1st to complete the Challenge! EJ Finished the Challenge with an 8.2 PSR! EJ lost a total of 55+ lbs.

SKULLTOID #1: EJ ate Catfish for the 1st Time on this Challenge!

SKULLTOID #2: The show stated EJ lost 33 pounds but there actually no scales on site or weigh-ins conducted. So the 55+ pounds stated above are what EJ knows to be true based on weighing himself prior to leaving and coming home after 3 days of eating. Thus being currently, the most weight lost in the 21 Day Challenge!

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