Naked & Afraid Survival Challenge

Do You think you have what it takes with a Partner to Survive the time limit….NAKED….and make it to Extraction? Have you sat their watching Your TV and said, “I could do that!!!” Well Now’s Your Chance!!!

EJ has designed this package to Test Not Only your Outdoor & Survival Skills…BUT YOU as an Individual, along with a Partner (Someone you know, another client, or for an additional fee…EJ himself!)……ALL NAKED AND AFRAID STYLE!!! EJ offers you a once in a lifetime adventure to test yourself and your skills in a NAKED AND AFRAID Style Scenario, in the elements at a remote location, under EJ’s observation with his Safety Team! You will be given the option of what type of BARENESS you can handle (Naked, Underwear, or Swimsuit) and EJ will make it happen. You will be dropped into the scenario with just YOURSELF and YOUR Dairy Aire, an Edge Tool, a Survival Item of your choice (Fire Starter, Pot, Insect Net, etc.), Your Partner, and possibly another item or two, and head into the Adventure of a Lifetime! It will be tailored to meet your needs, test your skills, and quench your thirst for the NAKED ANDS AFRIAD Adventure!!! The scenario will last one of three options (3, days, 5 days, or a 7 days)! You will be assed prior to arrival and an initial PSR Score will be assigned. Throughout the Survival Challenge you will be evaluated daily with feedback and your PSR will be adjusted! You will always have the Option to “TAP OUT” (with an Option to return for Redemption with an additional fee added in) if for some reason you can’t go any further and you will have daily medical checks as well, and if in trouble medically, The Medical Staff can pull you from the challenge (You will have an option to return for redemption with a discounted rate). So, you will need to block out that time for the NAA Scenario, one day prior for Survival Basics Training, and two days travel time, for whatever time that equates to! A Packing List will be provided, well not much of one anyways, LOL! The Cost of the package includes the NAA Survival Scenario, the Survival Basic Training, a place to lay your head, meals while in prep phase, T Shirt (Got to have bragging rights!!!), a SXB Knife by TOPS Knives, Survival SWAG Pack chuck full of items, and Rescue Meal! Additional Costs to you will be Airfare and Travel Costs to get to location, we can pick you up and drop you off at airport if you fly. Traveler’s Insurance is recommended.

3 Day Scenario is $xxxx.
5 Day Scenario is $xxxx.
7 Day Scenario is $xxxx.

***Add an additional $2,000 for EJ to be your partner! ***