Guide Trekking by EJ

EJ offers Guide Treks all over the USA and certain locations worldwide! EJ can set up, plan and guide you on your next excursion wherever it may be!!! Whether it’s just a day hike, a weekend backpack, camping, cycling, watercraft trip or a longer 5 day or more thru-hike, EJ can be there to meet your needs. He will not only guide you but share his vast knowledge, experience and stories with you while out there. Includes a basic Safety and Survival class before you start! vEJ will point out great geological facts, wildlife knowledge, outdoor skill and survival tips and much, much more!!!  EJ can Guide up to a maximum 12 People solo and will add an Assistant Guide for every additional 5 People!

COST of this Service varies based on location and event’s particulars in terms of additional expenses!

COST: USA Day Rate $600 plus travel, supply, & additional expenses – one person.

USA Per additional person per day $25.

USA Set Up & Planning Fee: $200 plus permit/rental fees.

OUS (HI&AK) Day Rate $1,000 plus travel, supply & add. expenses – one person.

OUS Per additional person per day $100.

OUS Set Up & Planning Fee: $600 plus permit/rental fees.