Camping & RV-ING 101

Just getting started into Camping & RV-ing?  Well let EJ get you set up and going with all the basics and in’s & out’s of these amazing activities. For camping, EJ will advise you on proper camping equipment, tentage, pop-ups, variety items, comfort items, clothing, footwear, food choices, safety items, cooking set ups, and gear selection. He will show you how to properly set up your camp site, environmental consideration, wildlife protection & safety, and other variables. He will then teach you the basics to planning and set up, basic survival and first aid training, emergency situation reaction and rescue, safety considerations, and much more. He will stay with you on your excursion and continue to give advice, tips and answer questions throughout the time he is with you.  EJ will point out great geological facts, wildlife knowledge, outdoor skill and survival tips and much, much more!!!  EJ will not only guide you but share his vast knowledge, experience and stories with you while out there.

Day Rate is $600 plus travel & supply expenses – per couple.
USA Per additional family member/person per day $25.
Set Up & Planning Fee: $200 plus permit/rental fees.