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Mountain Predator

In Partnership with Stroup Knives


The Last Survival Knife You Will Ever Need

Survival Combat Bowie By Stroup Knives. “Always Be The Predator Not The Prey!” This is a Pre-Order for the Stroup Knives EJ Snyder Collaboration. First 100 made will be serial numbered! These knives will be ready to ship on or before April 30th, 2022.

Mountain Predator Specs

  • 13.5″ Total Length
  • 1/4″ 1095 High Carbon Steel
  • Camo Canvas Micarta Handle
  • Custom formed Kydex Sheath
  • Rotating Belt Clip
  • First 100 will be serial numbered
EJ Snyder

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    EJ Snyder

    Veteran, Survival Expert, Actor, Speaker

    You may know EJ from his 6 Appearances on the Hit TV Series on Discovery Channel “Naked and Afraid” and “Naked and Afraid XL”, as well as Host on Season 9 of “Dual Survival“, and “First Man Out with Ed Stafford Season 1. EJ is an Extreme Survivalist, Adventurer, and Retired Army Combat Vet. He is an expert in leadership, tracking, trapping, building shelter and equipment, primitive weapons, navigation, security, self-reliance, and self-defense.

    EJ SNYDER is highly decorated Army Combat Veteran with 25 years military service under his belt, serving Ranger positions in Infantry and Airborne units. He joined the armed forces at 19. He moved up the ranks quickly, seeing combat in both the Gulf War in 1991 and a 15-month tour during Operation Iraqi Freedom 2 in 2004 to 2005. 

    EJ earned two Bronze Star Medals, the Legion of Merit, the Order of St. Maurice (Centurion), and over 40 other Medals and decorations while serving the Nation. During his time in the Army, EJ attended a vast number of schools highly increasing his diverse set of skills, deployed on training and missions all over the world, and received many accolades throughout his career. He stepped up as a Ranger Instructor, Survival & Tracking Instructor, and Drill Sergeant, EJ was a renowned athlete and fighter during his time, earning the nickname “Skullcrusher”.  EJ retired at the Rank of Sergeant Major/E-9.

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