“Most Important Tool?”


KNIFE ONLY. “Most Important Tool You Have Next To YOUR MIND!”:

As EJ Always likes to say. A Good Fixed Blade Survival Knife can be critical in a Survival Situation and make all the difference in surviving and getting out ALIVE!!! It does so many things for you and makes life so much better out there. It can be used in ALL ASPECTS of Survival Tasks and with proper training and practice, may be the ONLY THING You need out there! So it is a very critical item in My Professional Opinion (YES, some Survivalist choose a Tomahawk, Hatchet, Ax, some other Knife or Tool as their “Go To” I get it!) In this video, EJ puts himself in a Unique Survival Situation where the ONLY Item He has is a Knife, the clothes on his back, and what he finds along the way to keep him Alive to either signal for help….OR….Self-Rescue himself out of there! He will teach you some simple and basic skills on all things pertaining to surviving when all you have is a Knife, share some tips, and get you the info you need to get you out ALIVE in a Survival Situation. “I am always asked, “What’s the Best Survival Knife to have?” and I ALWAYS Reply, “The one you have in the Situation!” I also tell all my students and whenever I write on the subject, please get the knife that works for you, fits your needs, and you know intimately…..Then practice, practice, PRACTICE! A Good Knife may be the ONLY Survival Partner YOU have out there! “SO STAY SHARP!!!”

Length: 95 mins