“Is Your Fuel!”


FOOD. “Is Your Fuel!”:

As EJ Always likes to say. The human body can only be pushed so far and once your fat reserves are gone, you will deteriorate fast! The Law of 3’s says you may not last 3 Weeks without food, so you better know where and how to get it! The body needs food for energy, nutrition, to function properly, and to stay sharp in the mind! Survival is both a physical and mentally challenging task, and there are a lot of daily chores that must get done to keep you alive! In this video, EJ will teach you some simple and basic skills on all things pertaining to getting food, share some tips, and get you the info you need to fend off malnutrition and other health risks. Food is a very vast subject so look for future follow on videos on this subject!

Length: 90 mins