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Mountain Masters Premiere

Mountain Masters Premiere: Survive and Conquer

Are you a fan of EJ Snyder and Cat Bigney? You’ll love his new show Mountain Masters, which airs on the Inspire TV Network on Saturday, March 26th at 5 PM ET. In this pilot episode, four contestants try to conquer challenging mountain environments while being judged by EJ and Cat. If you’re looking for a new show to watch, then be sure to check out Mountain Masters. You won’t be disappointed.

Mountain Masters, co-hosted by EJ Snyder and Cat Bigney, premiering on the Inspire TV Network (INSP) on Saturday, March 26th at 5 PM ET: CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON THE SHOW

If you are looking for a new show or know someone who is, then you should be watching Mountain Masters. This brand-new survival competition series features four survivalists – each with their skills and mindset – it will leave you on the edge of your seat!

This show features grueling challenges that test not only their physical prowess but also their mental strength. The contestants have to compete against each other in tasks while trying to conquer the mountain wilderness.

There’s no better way to see if these tough guys and gals can survive than with Mountain Masters! The Winner of this competition receives a $10,000 cash prize and bragging rights for life! Tune in, and don’t miss a second of the action!

“The struggle is real…and only the strongest, fittest, and smartest can be a true Mountain Master!” ~ EJ Snyder


I was asked to join this project in its late stages, and as the Production Company felt me out and saw what I had to offer, my talents and skill set. I started Consulting with them on the show and its structure to help them build a great series, as I have worked on multiple TV Pilots that have turned into successful Hit TV Series, Like Naked and Afraid and First Man Out with Ed Stafford. So to be part of another shot at creating a Hit Series, I jumped all over it.

We spent lots of hours Zoom Calling this project. Finally, we got on the ground in the San Bernadino Mountains and started recons, final prep, gathering challenge support items materials, finishing up all the tasks, and scheduling the challenge.

As with all Competition Shows, everything needed to be fully ironed out before we started because its filmed in real-time, and there’s no fudging for “oopsies” or “Do-Overs.”

Rehearsals were happening, Pre Filming, and getting all the pieces in place! The flow of the competition, all the rules, contingencies, safety, support, and medical had to be ready inset. Don’t even get me started on the cameras, audio, drones, snow machines, and other support tasks.

LOL! What a rush, though! When it came time to bring in the Four Competitors to start…I was asked to toe the Line as cohost with Cat Bigney, who has been a friend of mine for some time, and I was honored to stand equally next to her for this.

Cat has amazing knowledge and experience in Survival, Wilderness Medicine, and Ancient Cultures. I knew or knew of most of the Competitors, and the looks on their faces were priceless when they saw me standing before them, as this was not known for me to be One of The Hosts!

A lot of effort went into setting this up and bringing you an amazing Survival Skills Competition Series, something a lot of Survival TV Fans have been asking for, for quite a while. It’s unlike any other Survival TV Show out there, with hints of Mountain Men and the flare of Forged in Fire about it! But it is its OWN ENTITY!!! So get ready for one Wild Ride, Folks!

I was amazed to bear witness to these 4 Amazingly Skilled Survivalists, their efforts, and how they performed out there. It made me want to jump off the sidelines and pick up an ax and get in the middle of all the action! LOL!

As we ran through the Pilot, as Pilots will have, there were some minor issues we had to work through as a Production Team on the fly…and that’s OK…things happen; Murphy is always waiting in ambush, and Mother Nature ALWAYS gets a Vote!

We made it through it all, it was very successfully executed, and best of all, I can report no serious injuries to Cast or Crew! After all the hard work and I came down the Mountain…a delicious Steak and a Cold Beer was waiting for me! We all worked hard and toasted what we created together!

So now all that’s left is to air this amazing Survival Series that took place on a Mountain with four tough folks putting themselves and all of it to the task!

See LINK Below for Scheduled Airing Information!!!

Below you will find information about each of The Mountain Masters Hosts and the 4 Survivalists that took on The Mountain in the Season Premiere (PILOT) MOUNTAIN MASTERS!!! I hope you enjoy learning about these incredible people and a little bit about what makes them tick!




Age: 56

Home: Appalachian Mountains.

Profession: TV Host, Survival Instructor/Consultant, Retired Army Combat Vet, Published Writer, You Tuber, Professional Gear Reviewer.

Other TV Projects: Naked and Afraid and XL Series (6 Times w/ 206 Days), Host of Dual Survival Season 9, TNT’s 72 Hours Adventure Race, First Man Out Season 1, Patton 360, Can You Survive a Horror Movie, Mr. Beast You Tube Projects, and more.

Mountain Masters

Early Years

  • EJ grew up in Northern New Jersey, just outside of NYC, in tough Italian neighborhoods.
  • He learned many outdoor skills and a love for the wilderness with his late kid brother Jeff when their father took them camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and trapping.
  • They furthered those skills by canoeing, rafting, rock climbing, and long extended hikes.
  • EJ’s brother was killed before his 22nd birthday. It greatly affected him.
  • EJ is passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge with others to help them connect with nature and find healing.
  • He offers workshops on wilderness survival skills, tracking, nature awareness, and more.

Military Career

  • EJ Snyder is a highly decorated Army combat veteran with 25 years of military service.
  • He joined the armed forces at 19 and moved up the ranks quickly, seeing combat in both the Gulf War in 1991 and a 15-month tour during Operation Iraqi Freedom 2 from 2004 to 2005.
  • EJ earned two Bronze Star Medals, the Legion of Merit, the Order of St. Maurice (Centurion), and over 40 other medals and decorations while serving the nation.
  • When EJ was attending US Army Ranger School, he received his first formal Survival Training and fell in love with the concept right away. Once he was assigned as a Ranger Instructor, he attended US Army Survival School (SERE-C) and Tracking Course and became the Primary Survival and Tracking Instructor for the course.
  • During his time in the Army, EJ attended a vast number of schools, Highly increasing his diverse set of skills. He deployed on training and missions all over the world and received many accolades throughout his career.
  • EJ retired at the rank of Sergeant Major/E-9. Upon retirement, he worked as a Government Contractor for six years, teaching Survival Skills to future Green Berets and other Soldiers at the US Army SERE School.
  • EJ has been formally teaching survival skills and tracking to soldiers and civilians ever since for well over 30 years.
  • He lives by the motto: “Tua sponte superstes,” which means to “Survive by your own will.”


  • After the Army, EJ decided to retire and move into the entertainment world in some capacity.
  • EJ found some success early on and was involved in many Mainstream Films, TV, Commercials, web series, and independent and student film projects.
  • Most known for his role and stunt work as “Redfern,” a Freighter Boat Mercenary of the Hit TV Series “LOST.”
  • EJ soon found himself being recruited for several Top Reality Competition Shows, being a Finalist for “Survivor 21” and “Big Brother 14.”
  • EJ’s Real World Survival Skill Set and TV finally crossed paths as he was setting out on TNT’s “72 Hours: The Fijian Jungle (Episode 7).”
  • Discovery Channel came calling and initially tried EJ out for their Hit TV Series “Dual Survival,” but he was passed on.
  • However, he quickly found himself thrust out on the filming of the Pilot episode of “Naked and Afraid: Terror in Tanzania,” a 21 Day Survival Challenger where a strange man and woman come together for 21 Days completely Naked with one item each and try to survive till extraction. EJ was the 1st man to complete the challenge.
  • In “Naked and Afraid: Man Vs. Amazon,” EJ was joined by Laura Zerra to complete the challenge, making EJ the 1st man to complete the 21-day challenge twice.
  • EJ was asked back for the 40-day challenge of 6 men and 6 Women in “Naked and Afraid XL” in the Colombian Badlands, making him the Only Man to complete the Challenge three times!
  • EJ was recently joined by his Naked and Afraid XL Partner Jeff Zausch as Cohost for the 9th Season of “Dual Survival.” They tested their skills and partnership in several of the harshest locations, environments, and situations, finding themselves in Brazil, South America, Utah High Desert, Louisiana Swamplands, a Cave in the former USSR State of Georgia, South Africa, and Botswana, as well as surviving the recent Turkish Coup while in the Istanbul Airport.
  • EJ was once again called upon in 2019 to take on another Naked and Afraid challenge, but this time Solo…in “Naked and Afraid ALONE: Lonely Like The Wolf,” where he was placed in the Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria…all by himself.
  • While on the other side of the Mountain, unbeknownst to him, three others were also taking it on together; after 21 days when the Mountain Mist cleared, Stalked by Wolves, Frozen, and Half-starved, EJ reached the 5500-foot extraction site standing on Top of the Mountain…all by himself…thus being the ONLY one to make it out of the Balkan Mountains!
  • EJ Snyder, also known as “The Beast of Bulgaria,” is a survival expert and reality TV star.
  • He first gained fame on the Discovery Channel show “Naked and Afraid,” where he completed a 60-day challenge in the Atchafalaya Swamp Basin of Louisiana.
  • Snyder then returned to the Amazon Jungle eight years later to help out other contestants on the show. He completed a total of 43 days in the jungle.
  • He now has a total of 203 Naked Survival Days to his credit, making him the official “Godfather of Naked and Afraid.”
  • Snyder is currently the co-host of a new hit series called “Mountain Masters” on Inspire Network. He is also working with Mr. Beast on video content for his YouTube channel.
  • Some of Snyder’s favorite foods include pizza, bacon cheeseburgers, and craft beer. He also enjoys coffee.


Age: 40

Home: Mountains of Colorado.

Profession: TV Host, Survival Instructor/Consultant, Anthropologist, Medical Trainer.

Other TV Projects: The Great Human Race, First Man Out Season 1, The Island with Bear Grylls, and more.

  • Cat was born in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah and is the head instructor at Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS)
  • She has a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences from Utah Valley University and is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.
  • She has worked as a wilderness survival instructor, assistant professor, and NCAA compliance officer.
  • In 2016, she became a TV host and survival instructor for the National Geographic Channel’s The Great Human Race.
  • Has worked with some of the world’s top survival experts, including Bear Grylls
  • In 2016, she became a TV host and survival instructor for the National Geographic Channel’s The Great Human Race.
  • Cat has also done volunteer work with organizations such as The Road Home Foundation & The Ssejinja Children’s Foundation.
  • Cat loves contact sports, which has motivated her as an athlete to compete in Water Polo, Football, and currently Rugby.
  • She often hosts or appears in survival and anthropology TV programming around the world.

“During my first Zoom Call, I learned that Cat had been a part of the project since its inception, working as a Creative Producer. She was Cast to be one of the Hosts. Cat and I have been friends for some time now. I recommended her to be part of the 1st Season of First Man Out, racing Ed as the lone Female Racer that Season. 

She did amazing as I knew she would and really gave Ed Hell. Lol! She is one of The Top Female survivalists and Instructors in the world. She is highly respected, and her knowledge of Ancient People, Culture, Tools, ways of life, and techniques is top-notch! This will be the first time we ever have gotten to work together in any capacity.” – EJ Snyder.


Ryan Earhart

Age: 34

Ryan’s hometown is Van Buren, AR

Profession: Survival Instructor/Bush Hippie.

Other TV Projects: Naked and Afraid Season 11 Ep 16; Naked and Afraid XL 6.

  • Oklahoma native Ryan Earhart is a survival instructor and bush hippie who has appeared on Naked and Afraid and Naked and Afraid XL.
  • He founded the Bush Hippie Survival store in Booneville, Arkansas, teaches wilderness survival skills to individuals, groups, and families, and sells handmade arrows, sheaths, flint knapped knives, and other fishing and hunting survival items.
  • In March 2020, he appeared on the sixteenth episode of Naked and Afraid Season 11, titled “Close Encounters.”
  • During the 21-day challenge, he and his partner had to deal with violent hippos, dangerous elephants, leopards, crocodiles, and elephants.
  • Fans have been eager for his return after his appearance on Naked and Afraid XL6 in Africa, where some thought Sherman was a bit lazy and had Ryan doing most of the work.


Age: 39

Rick’s Hometown is Fayetteville, AR.

Profession: Disaster Preparedness Instructor.

Other TV Projects: Alone The Beast Season 2.

  • Worked at a specialty equipment shop called The Pack Rat since 1999
  • Equipment buyer for the store for nearly 23 years
  • Now a part-owner of the Pack Rat Store.
  • Teaches a variety of Wilderness skills classes for the store
  • Taught rock climbing as an SPI with the American Mountain Guide Association for 15 years
  • Director of the Pack Rat’s Outdoor adventure race called the Brewha Bushwhack, which combines land navigation, bushcraft, and a wide variety of outdoor challenges.
  • Taught rock climbing as an SPI with the American Mountain Guide Association for 15 years
  • Director of the Pack Rat’s Outdoor adventure race called the Brewha Bushwhack
  • Pursued mountaineering and has spent a great deal of time in western US climbing and backpacking as well as many locations in South America, New Zealand, China, and Europe
  • Somewhat obsessed with the canyons of Southern Utah and visits there a couple of times a year for Canyoneering and to respectfully observe Native American dwellings and rock art sites
  • Wilderness First Responder and is an Alumni of the Hunter Gather with Boulder Outdoor Survival School and now works part-time in the summer at BOSS
  • Featured on the History Channel program Alone: The Beast surviving for four weeks in a swamp with no tools, only the clothes on his back.
  • He enjoys wilderness photography, building, shooting, & hunting with traditional bows, and traveling to wild places with his family and friends
  • Serves on the Board for the Arkansas Hunters and Anglers and is an advocate for the protection, access, and conservation of public land.


Age: 32

Kate’s Hometown is Passadumkeag, Maine.

Profession: Off-Grid Homesteader and Survival Instructor.

Other TV Projects: Naked and Afraid Season 10 Ep 2; Naked and Afraid XL 6.

  • Kate Wentworth is from Passadumkeag, Maine, and has lived in many places, including the Virgin Islands and Wisconsin.
  • Kate has vast experience living off the grid.
  • While interning at Turtle Island Preserve, she studied outdoor survival skills.
  • It was her mentors at Turtle Island Preserve who connected her to the producers of “Naked and Afraid.”
  • Kate has displayed her skills on “Naked and Afraid” in Panama and Africa.
  • She loves testing herself and was overjoyed when given a chance to appear on the show.
  • Kate had previously appeared on the show “No Safety in Numbers,” which was the third episode in season 10.
  • She was a part of the team of four survivalists who had been dropped off on a deserted island in Panama.
  • While on the island, she survived for 13 days but was forced to tap out due to maddening flies, nonstop rain, low group morale, and other challenging conditions.
  • In spite of suffering from itchy bug bites that covered her whole body, Kate decided to make a comeback in “Naked and Afraid XL.”
  • In Africa, the temperature has reached up to 125 degrees at times, and the most important thing was to keep the fire burning.
  • Kate also recalls how she had to share the river water with various wild animals, including elephants, giraffes, and water buffalo.
  • However, despite the adversities, “Naked and Afraid” enabled Kate to forge some very strong friendships.


Age: 39

Nathan’s Hometown is Lopez Island, WA.

Profession: Disaster Preparedness Instructor.

Other TV Projects: ALONE Season 6.

  • Nathan Donnelly is from Washington’s Salish Sea coast, where he lives on a small island and owns a permaculture design business.
  • He uses ecological principles to create synergy on his clients’ homesteads.
  • Additionally, he is the crew coordinator for the local youth conservation corps and teaches nature awareness and survival courses whenever possible.
  • Nathan volunteers with his local oil spill response organization to protect the Salish Sea public lands and its orca population.
  • In the past, he has been a wildlife biologist, backcountry park ranger, wildland firefighter, search and rescue team member, builder, outfitter, and homestead caretaker.
  • Currently, he is an avid traditional bowhunter, kayak fisherman, backpacker, bush crafter, mountaineer, and cyclist.
  • In the future, Nathan would like to continue his teachings in nature survival, disaster preparedness, and permaculture.

Message from EJ Snyder

“We hope that Mountain Masters gets picked up for Full Commission after the Premiere of the Pilot Episode. It’s something a lot of Fans of Survival TV have been asking for, so we hope everyone will tune in to watch! It got great characters, displays amazing skills, and is all set in the Breath-Taking San Bernadino Mountains.

I was so proud to be asked to be a part of it and then to Co-Host was amazing and a culmination of years of dedication, hard work, and networking, as well as building a solid reputation in this business both in Skills and Knowledge of Productions, Survival and the Outdoors, and just being Damn Good TV!!! Enjoy the ride!” ~ EJ SNYDER

We hope that you enjoyed our blog post on Mountain Masters. We are excited for the premiere of the pilot episode and hope that you will tune in to watch! Mountain Masters is a great show with amazing skills and set in a beautiful location. Be sure to check it out!

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  1. Thank you EJ, for the heads up. It has been great being your friend for the last 5 or 6 years. It is always good talking with you and learning about what you are up to. Your other projects have been educational, entertaining, and inspirational. This one, I’m sure will be no different. I live in a mountainous area of Wyoming 6,300 ft. elevation and will be excited to see what your, challenges, bring for the contestants. I am sure your team of ( contestant confounders ) will bring some interesting challenges to the screen. I am sure you guys will make it hard enough that some will, definitely not complete. Good luck to all of you. Be safe. Be daring. And remember. Your dreams must be larger than your fears. You all stay sharp out there. See you in Colorado. Brad

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