FIRST MAN OUT – Airs Feb 9th (US)

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About First Man Out:

Explorer Ed Stafford has taken on many challenges, putting himself through extreme tests of endurance and isolation to become a survival expert. But this has become easy for Ed; he’s proved that surviving on his own in the middle of nowhere is well within his comfort zone.

Now, Ed wants to evolve and push himself further, to find out what he’s really made of. So, he has decided to go up against some of the world’s toughest survivalists in the brand-new series First Man Out.

In the new show Ed will take on a series of head-to-head challenges against some of the biggest names in survival, risking life, limb, and reputation along the way. Over miles of hostile terrain in Asia, Ed and his opponents will face high stakes survival challenges as they race to reach a predetermined extraction point, in a bid to prove they are top of their game and be the first man out. Watch Episodes