Livefire Gear

Fire is a Critical Component of the Core 4 of Survival and in many cases the foundation that leads to getting the other 3. “Fire is Your Friend!” as EJ says! It’s that light in the dark, purifies water, hardens primitive tools, cooks food, keeps predators away, a morale booster, much more. That’s why EJ backs Live …

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Make A Wish Come True!!!

Make A Child\’s Wish Come True! DONATE TODAY!! Every Dollar counts! Plz SHARE!!! Thank you. [btn text=\”Donate\” link=\”http://support.gktw.org/site/TR?px=1281071&fr_id=1651&pg=personal\” tcolor=\”#ffffff\” bcolor=\”#1e73be\” thovercolor=\”#ffffff\” icon=\”icon-heart\” target=\”true\”]

\”The Reality of Survival with EJ Snyder\”

The Raleigh, NC Survival & Green Living Expo is happening this weekend at the NC State Fairgrounds. EJ \”Skullcrusher\” Snyder will be having Meet & Greet\’s at his booth & will be having his workshop on \”The Reality of Survival\” both on Saturday July 8th & Sunday July 9th. Get your tickets today! http://bit.ly/2usVXzZ

Mark Your Calendars!!!

Skullcrusher Nation – Mark your calendars this Dec if you are in the Jacksonville Florida range. I\’m Headlining the NPS Expo I will have a Booth Set up and giving a 2 Hour Seminar with Q and A (FYI – this is a separate fee so you know). See u there!!! 🙂

Check Out EJ\’s New Commercial!

LIVE FIRE GEAR EJ in an \”AS Seen On TV\” Commercial endorsing and Promoting the Ring of Fire Fire Starting Kit from Live Fire Gear. Order yours today at the link below and use the PROMO CODE: \”EJ\” for an additional Freebie!!! Click on the button below for price and availability: CLICK HERE

Remembering the Fallen

EJ pays his respects in a moment of pause. \”My Tears are real Remember ALL those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Freedom isn\’t Free & Blood is its Ink! Hooah! Rangers Lead the Way!\” ~EJ Snyder