Previous Appearances – Part 2

2015 TOUR

9-12: Reality Rally Breast Cancer Fund Raiser, Temecula, CA
22: Boy & Girls Club Fund Raiser Buffalo Wild Wings Fayetteville
23: Interview, NFL Kick Sirrous XM with Bob Papa


2: Kentucky Derby Party Meet n Greet, Chesapeake, VA
13: Cape Fear Heroes Special Olympics Pressential Conf. PDQ, Fayetteville
22: Boys n Girls Club Speaking Eng. Fayetteville
23: Cape Fear Heroes Locker Room Pep, Half Time Apperence, Meet n Greet, VIP, Fayetteville
May 31 to June 2: Eagle Med n Air care International Survival Class Wichita, KS


2: WFNC Radio Interview
3: Six Beers and the Truth Article Interview
5-7: 2015 Blade Show with TOPS Knives.
12-14: Boone Nat Forest Survival Class, KY
26-28: Survival Class Asheville Mountains
30: WFNC Radio Interview


2: Fayetteville Observer Article Interview
9: Bill Keeler Radio Show
10: Torq n Elliot Radio Show
13-17: NAXL Reunion with TMZ Interview
14: GMA Interview
20: NFL Kick Sirrous XM Interview
24: Torq n Elliott Radio Show
29: Sirius XM Sat Radio Interview, but can’t remember Show Name


1: Torq n Elliott Radio Show
4-6: TKE Fraternity Conclave 2015, Motivational speaking n Meet n Greet, New Orleans.
6: New Orleans Newspaper Interview.
6-10: Hearts of Reality Weekend for Give Kids the World Village Charity Fundraiser Celebration, FL
8: Torq n Elliott Radio Show
12: Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn
13: Nickolodean World Kids Get Out and Play Event Meet n Greet, with Boys n Girls Club and YMCA, Veterans Park Fayetteville
18: Ivan Bog Boss Brewery Meet n Greet
20: Sirrius XM NFL Kick Interview
22: Torq n Elliott Radio Show
22: Cub Scout Talk n Apperence


3: Radio Interview
4: WFNC Radio Interview
5: Radio Interview
6: Torq n Elliott Radio Show
8: Talk 34 Podcast Interview
9: Rhino Shelters Article Interview
11: Jenny McCarthy Show Interview Sirrius XM
12: Ivan Warrior Challenge Event
19: Lions Club Walk for Kids Diabetes Event Appearence.
19: Speaking with Grays Creek Junior ROTC Cadets.
19: OP Enduring Warrior Appearence, Speaking, and Meet n Greet
25-27: Shogrum Festival Appearence n Meet n Greet, West Liberty, KY


6: Warrior Talk Radio Interview
9-11: National Peppers and Survival Expo, Louisville, KY