The Dual Survival Adventure Challenge Package

You think you have what it takes to Survive and make it to rescue with a Partner?

Well, NOW’S YOUR CHANCE!!! Coming 2017!!!

We designed this package along with EJ, one of the Host of “Dual Survival” to Test Not Only your Outdoor Skills, but You as an Individual as well, along with another Stranger to be your Partner! If you have sat in front of your TV screaming, “Hell, I could do that!!!” Well now’s your chance! We have set this Package up to test yourself and your skills and offer an opportunity to do it in a Private remote location in the Elements and under observation of EJ who will take many notes, offer occasional advice, and ensure a safe environment. You will be paired up with another participant and allowed to have one item each and a Scenario Driven Survival Set Up Item. It will be tailored to meet your needs and quench your thirst for a Taste of the Dual Survival Adventure.

(Currently under Legal review)

COST: $5,000.00 per Person per Package! We Offer a 3 Day Dual Survival Adventure Package plus one additional prep day, not including travel days, depending on location, from March through September on a Scheduling basis. Additional Package Costs are not included so ask about those. Individual Airfare or Travel costs are not included and Traveler’s Insurance is recommended. We are currently gathering Names of folks interested in taking on this Challenge! Serious Inquiries Only! Contact us for more Info!