EJ and Jeff Wild Adventure Package

We designed this package along with EJ and Jeff, The Ultimate Alpha Male Adventure Team to meet your excursion needs. We have set this Package up to fit your Adventure needs and offer an opportunity to hang with EJ and Jeff out in their Element…..The Wilderness, so you can learn from them, pick up some great Survival and Wilderness tips, and have complete One on One Access to them. Your package can be tailored to fit your “Cup Of Coffee” from Survival Outings, Camping, Back Packing, Hiking, Fishing, or Hunting. It will be tailored to meet your needs and quench your thirst for Adventure.

COST: $1,000.00 for each EJ & Jeff per day per Event! We can also do Individual Packages with each man! We Offer Packages from 2 to 5 Days depending on location, time of year, and event! Additional cost to the client is EJ & Jeff’s Travel Cost, any Lodging and Per Diem Costs, and any Permits or Licensing Fees.

Individual Airfare or Travel costs are not included and Traveler’s Insurance is recommended. Contact Us for details!